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TT-1212   1 Dozen 12" Clear Straws & caps (no candy)
TT-0412   1 Dozen 4" Test tubes & caps (no candy)
ST-0612   1 Dozen 6" Straws & caps (no candy)
RF-1X-BANN   10.5 Banana Candy Bottle
RF-1X-BLRSP   10.5 Blue Raspberry Candy Bottle
RF-1X-BUBRRY   10.5 Blueberry Candy Bottle
RF-1X-BBLGM   10.5 Bubblegum Candy Bottle
RF-1X-CRML   10.5 Caramel Candy Bottle
RF-1X-CHRY   10.5 CherryCandy Bottle
RF-1X-CTTNBL   10.5 Cotton Candy Blue Bottle
RF-1X-CTTNPK   10.5 Cotton Candy Pink Bottle
RF-1X-FRVNL   10.5 French Vanilla Candy Bottle
RF-1X-FRPNCH   10.5 Fruit Punch Candy Bottle
RF-1X-GRPE   10.5 Grape Candy Bottle
RF-1X-GRAPLE   10.5 Green Apple Candy Bottle
RF-1X-KYLM   10.5 Key Lime Candy Bottle
RF-1X-KIWI   10.5 Kiwi Candy Bottle
RF-1X-LMME   10.5 Lemon Lime Candy Bottle
RF-1X-LMDE   10.5 Lemonade Candy Bottle
RF-1X-MNGO   10.5 Mango Candy Bottle
RF-1X-ORNG   10.5 Orange Candy Bottle
RF-1X-PINAPL   10.5 Pineapple Candy Bottle
RF-1X-PNKLMDE   10.5 Pink Lemonade Candy Bottle
RF-1X-RTBR   10.5 Rootbeer Candy Bottle
RF-1X-SOAPLE   10.5 Sour Apple Candy Bottle
RF-1X-SOPUNH   10.5 Sour Punch Candy Bottle
RF-1X-STRBY   10.5 Strawberry Candy Bottle
RF-1X-TUFTI   10.5 Tutti Fruiti Candy Bottle
NWS12-125   12" Clear Straws & Caps, 125/pk (no candy)
ST-12   12" Straws, caps with candy included (min qty 50, combo with other size straws ok)
NWS18-125   18" Clear Straws & Caps, 125/pk (no candy)
ST-18   18" Straws, caps with candy included (min qty 50, combo with other size straws ok)
SB1-WTLMLN   2 oz Watermelon Candy Bottle
SB1-BANN   2 oz Banana Candy Bottle
SB1-BLRSP   2 oz BLue Raspberry Candy Bottle
SB1-BBLGM   2 oz Bubblegum Candy Bottle
SB1-CTTNPK   2 oz Cotton Candy Pink Bottle
SB1-GRPE   2 oz Grape Candy Bottle
SB1-GRAPLE   2 oz Green Apple Candy Bottle
SB1-KKYLM   2 oz Keylime Candy Bottle
SB1-LMME   2 oz Lemon Lime Candy Bottle
SB1-LMDE   2 oz Lemonade Candy Bottle
SB1-MNGO   2 oz Mango Candy Bottle
SB1-ORGE   2 oz OrangeCandy Bottle
SB1-PINAPLE   2 oz Pineaple Candy Bottle
SB1-PNKLMDE   2 oz Pink Lemonade Candy Bottle
SB1-STRBY   2 oz Strawberry Candy Bottle
SB1-VNL   2 oz Vanilla Candy Bottle
SB1-CTTNBL   2oz Cotton Candy Blue Bottle
MB1-WTLMLN   3.5oz Watermelon Candy Bottle
MB1-BANN   3.5oz Banana Candy Bottle
MB1-BLRSP   3.5oz BLue Raspberry Candy Bottle
MB1-BUBRRY   3.5oz Blueberry Candy Bottle
MB1-BBLGM   3.5oz Bubblegum Candy Bottle
MB1-CHRY   3.5oz Cherry Candy Bottle
MB1-CHOC   3.5oz Chocolate Candy Bottle
MB1-CTTNBL   3.5oz Cotton Candy Blue Bottle
MB1-CTTNPK   3.5oz Cotton Candy Pink Bottle
MB1-FRVNL   3.5oz French Vanilla Candy Bottle
MB1-FRPNCH   3.5oz Fruit Punch Candy Bottle
MB1-GRPE   3.5oz Grape Candy Bottle
MB1-GRAPLE   3.5oz Green Apple Candy Bottle
MB1-KKYLM   3.5oz Keylime Candy Bottle
MB1-KIWI   3.5oz Kiwi Candy Bottle
MB1-LMME   3.5oz Lemon Lime Candy Bottle
MB1-LMDE   3.5oz Lemonade Candy Bottle
MB1-MNGO   3.5oz Mango Candy Bottle
MB1-ORGE   3.5oz OrangeCandy Bottle
MB1-PINAPLE   3.5oz Pineaple Candy Bottle
MB1-PNKLMDE   3.5oz Pink Lemonade Candy Bottle
MB1-RTBR   3.5oz Rootbeer Candy Bottle
MB1-SOAPLE   3.5oz Sour Apple Candy Bottle
MB1-SOPUNH   3.5oz Sour Punch Candy Bottle
MB1-STRBY   3.5oz Strawberry Candy Bottle
MB1-TUFTI   3.5oz Tutti Frutti Candy Bottle
MB1-VNL   3.5oz Vanilla Candy Bottle
WS04-250   4" Plastic Test Tubes & Caps, 250/pk (no candy)
TT-01   5" straws, caps & candy bottles (100 min qty)
NWS6ST-125   6'" Straws & Caps 125/ Pk (no candy)
E1xtr-Btl0   Big Bottle with Long Sealer Cap
CBO-100   CBO-100: 100 5" Test Tubes, 100 12" Straws, 100 18" Straws, caps & 20 10.5oz candy bottles
NP-GRSTH-L3   Greatest Hits Kit - Blue Raspberry, Pink Cotton Candy, Lemonade, Green Apple, Orange, Grape, Cherry and Strawberry
EBY-MISC   Misc- Manually Processed Product Charge -EBAY
QK-501   QK-501: Create your own 8 flavor combination
RF-1X-WTRML   RF-1X: 10.5 Watermelon Candy Bottle
ST-300   ST-300: 150 12" & 150 18" straws, caps & 20 10.5 candy bottles
ST250-A   ST250-A: 250 12 " Straws caps & 15 10.5 oz candy bottles
ST250-B   ST250-B: 250 18 " Straws caps & 20 10.5 oz candy bottles
ST6-250   ST5-250: 250 5" Tubes, caps, & (10) 10.5 oz candy bottles
NP-RNBCK-L3   The Rainbow Connection Kit - Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple, Orange, Key Lime Green Apple, Blueberry, and Sour Grape
NP-TRPCL-L3   Tropical Escape Kit - Banana, Key Lime, Kiwi, Fruit Punch, Mango, Tutti Frutti and Orange

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