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Fund Raising packages

Tired of selling magazines, cookies, candy bars or holding car wash events to raise money for your school, church, or organization?

Well, so are we so thatís why we created special Rainbow Dust Fund Raising packages. Selling Rainbow Dust is one of the best ways to earn money for your school, organization and even for yourself.

For a very affordable price, Rainbow Dust offers very good profitable return on your investment where your organization makes dollars not pennies on your sales. Itís not common to have a gross profit margin up of up to 200%. Your effort equals a big win for your group, organization, or church.

Besides selling to family, friends, and neighbors, weíve found that Rainbow Dust sells great at:

Craft shows,

Street festivals,

School events, or

Any place people gather!

Whatís nice is that when you take Rainbow Dust on the road, it means an easy and lo w-tech set-up. There's no need for electricity. Just set up a few tables, tablecloths, and signs and youíve just created a Rainbow Dust "profit center." A typical 10'x10' Rainbow Dust space at a busy fundraiser can "dust" as many as 100-150 kids per hour.

Profit Possibilities:



Approx # of Tubes

per 10.5 oz bottle

Suggested Retail Price













*Refer to "Create Your Own Package" page for individual straws/test tube pricing.

The number of tubes per bottle is base on conservative estimates)

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ST6-250: 250 6" Straws, caps, & (10) 10.5 oz candy bottles
Our Price: $197.00
ST250-A: 250 12 " Straws caps & 15 10.5 oz candy bottles
Our Price: $297.00
CBO-100: 125 6" straws, 100 12" Straws, 100 18" Straws, caps & 20 10.5oz candy bottles
Our Price: $305.00
ST250-B: 250 18 " Straws caps & 20 10.5 oz candy bottles
Our Price: $357.00
ST-300: 150 12" & 150 18" straws, caps & 20 10.5 candy bottles
Our Price: $375.00
ST-500: 250 12" & 250 18" Straws, caps & 34 10.5 oz candy bottles
Our Price: $587.00